Financial incentives are intended to support participations in conferences, and scientific publications with data archiving. This support is given to master’s and doctoral students, as well as post-doctoral fellows, depending on available funding and on the following conditions.

For students and postdoctoral fellows: financial support for conference

You may receive financial support up to 50% of planned or incurred expenses while attending a convention, up to a maximum of $1,000, if you meet the following 4 conditions:
  • you apply before the final submission of your thesis or the end of your postdoctoral fellowship
  • you are the first author of a conference or a poster related to your studies
  • the convention is held out of the Quebec province, unless it is a major international congress
  • your membership to Québec-Océan clearly appears in your presentation (logo here).
The financial support is given 1 or 2 times if you are
  • Master's student: 1 support
  • PhD student: 2 supports
  • Postdoctoral fellow:
    - 1st support, matched by your supervisor
    - 2nd support, matched by your supervisor, instead of a support for a short training.
For this incentive, you must:
  1. complete the online form at least one month before the convention, indicating
    - le budget prévu incluant toutes les autres sources de financement demandées et obtenues
    - le résumé de votre communication
  2. email to your coordinator
    - the proof of registration to the congress
    - the approval letter from your supervisor, indicating his financial contribution if any
    - if the congress is held in Quebec, a justification stating its major international level.

Visit the following links for a successful oral presentation:

Visit the following links for a successful poster:

For students: publication with archiving bonus

You can receive a $500 bonus for a publication of an article with data archiving if you meet the following 5 conditions:
  • you are the first author of a scientific article stemming from your studies, one of whose co-authors is a full member of Québec-Océan
  • the article is submitted, accepted or published in a refereed journal
  • the impact factor of the journal is equal or greater than 0.9, for the last indexed year, otherwhise justify the relevance of this journal
  • you mentioned Québec-Océan in your address or in the acknowledgments* of the publication
  • you archived the data set from your publication in a recognized repository or in the electronic supplement of the journal in which the article is published.
This bonus may be obtained up to three times per program of study and
applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

For this incentive, you must:
  1. make your request during your studies or less than 1 year after your final deposit
  2. complete the online form indicating
    - the proof of data archiving
    - a justification if archiving is not feasible
  3. provide your coordinator with a PDF of the article by email. In addition, if the article is submitted, also provide the acknowledgement of receipt and a letter of approval from your Director. If the article is accepted, the letter of acceptance is required.
* Here are some examples of thanks to insert in the acknowledgments:

"Name of the student" received a stipend from Québec-Océan.
We gratefully acknowledge scientific and financial support of Québec-Océan.
This project is a contribution to the research program of Québec-Océan.

Please mail to:
Coordinator in l'UQAR/ISMER if you are at UQAR, UQAC or l'INRS-ETE
Coordinator in U. Laval if you are at U. Laval, U. McGill or U. Concordia