Short training support

A student or postdoctoral fellow who is a member of Québec-Océan may receive financial assistance for an internship or a course lasting less than 2 months. Training outside Quebec is preferred and the maximum assistance granted will be $1500. Training in Quebec is nevertheless accepted, but it must have an international component, be unique or be more advantageous than elsewhere. In this case, the maximum assistance granted will be $1000.

The number of supports is limited to 15 per year, and to other conditions (see program rules). Applications must be submitted a month at least before the training.

Reports of training courses taken since 2009 can be consulted in the training directory.

Apply by email (Brigitte Robineau) preferably before January 31th, May 31th and September 30th, including:

  • Proposal form
  • CV
  • Academic records (from BSc to the last completed session)
  • Description of the internship or a course, written according to the program’s rules
  • Letter of support from the supervisor
  • For an internship, agreement of the host institution or for a course, proof of registration.
Program rules   Proposal form

Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Research Fellowships for international internship

The objective of this program is to promote the international mobility of students and postdoctoral fellows whose research activities are part of the scientific programs of the strategic clusters funded by FRQNT. Québec-Ocean can thus strengthen its action and influence on the international scene, within the framework of established or developing research projects or partnerships.

Target students and postdoctoral fellows

  • Canadians or foreigners: Full-time students registered in a Quebec university, members of the group and directed or co-directed by co-investigators from Quebec-Ocean.
  • Foreigners: Full-time students registered in a university outside Canada that is a partner of Mitacs*, who wish to do an internship in one of the laboratories headed by a co-investigator from Quebec-Ocean.

Overview of conditions 

  • Internship outside Canada in a Mitacs* partner country for students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled in a Quebec university
  • Internship in Quebec for students and postdoctoral fellows from abroad
  • Duration of the internship from 12 to 24 weeks
  • Start of the internship no later than one year after receipt of the letter of confirmation of the scholarship.
  • 6,000 CAD maximum. Only expenses eligible by Mitacs under this award will be accepted.
  • Research work of the internship in accordance with the scientific program of Québec-Ocean
  • Only one application per laboratory
  • Fair and inclusive selection process, allowing for the support of diverse students and post-doctoral fellows
  • Rejection of applications that are incomplete or that are also submitted to other strategic groups or to the Réseau Québec-Maritime.

→ Be sure to read all the information provided in the links at the bottom of the page.

Evaluation process

  1. Examination of the applications by a jury composed of researchers from Québec-Océan
  2. Pre-acceptance of 4 applications by the jury, plus 2 reserve applications, according to the rules of the program.
  3. Submission of the 4 pre-accepted applications to Mitacs
  4. Final approval by Mitacs
  5. Reserve applications may be funded through the clusters or networks in the event that one or more clusters or networks do not submit the maximum number of application.

Required documents for the application

In a single email to Executive Direction, before December 6, 2020. Files must meet the standards (see in form) and meet the evaluation criteria:

  1. Application Form (see the bottom page link)
  2. Research Proposal (see the bottom page link)
  3. CV (see the bottom page link)
  4. BSc transcripts up to the last session completed
  5. Letter of support from thesis supervisor or postdoctoral fellow
  6. Letter of agreement signed by the internship supervisor or host institution, including full contact information and the start and end dates of the internship.

Financial process

The scholarship is paid to the applicant or the applicant's supervisor, depending on the university administering the scholarship.

Documents to be provided before the internship in Québec for foreign students

In order to receive the scholarship, foreign students registered at a foreign university must present a valid study permit to study in Quebec or a Canadian residence permit.

Documents to be provided after the internship

In a single email to Executive Direction 
no later than 2 weeks after the end of the internship:

  1. A final report summarizing the project.
  2. A final report with the approval and signature of the participating supervisors.
  3. End-of-project surveys completed by the participant, the home university supervisor, and the host university supervisor.
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  Program rules on the Mitacs webiste      
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