Short training support

A student or postdoctoral fellow who is a member of Québec-Océan may receive financial assistance for an internship or a course lasting less than 2 months. Training outside Quebec is preferred and the maximum assistance granted will be $1500. Training in Quebec is nevertheless accepted, but it must have an international component, be unique or be more advantageous than elsewhere. In this case, the maximum assistance granted will be $1000.

The number of supports is limited to 15 per year, and to other conditions (see program rules). Applications must be submitted a month at least before the training.

Reports of training courses taken since 2009 can be consulted in the training directory.

Apply by email (Brigitte Robineau) preferably before January 31th, May 31th and September 30th, including:

  • Proposal form
  • CV
  • Academic records (from BSc to the last completed session)
  • Description of the internship or a course, written according to the program’s rules
  • Letter of support from the supervisor
  • For an internship, agreement of the host institution or for a course, proof of registration.


Program rules   Proposal form


Program of international internships from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT)

This program aims to encourage international mobility of MSc and PhD students whose research activities fall under the scientific program of FRQNT strategic group. By this way, Québec-Océan can strengthen its action on the international stage, using on-going or future research projects or partnerships.

Target students

  • Canadian as well as foreign students, registered full-time at a Quebecer university and supervised by a regular member of Québec-Océan, and member of the group
  • Foreign students seeking an internship in a laboratory headed by a regular member of Québec-Océan.

Overview of conditions 

  • Internship outside of Québec for students registered in a Quebec university
  • Internship in a Quebec university concerned by QO for foreign students
  • 2 to 6 months internship
  • $2500 per month for an internship in the form of a lump sum allowance
  • Internship has to begin no later than September 30th 2020
  • Internship research project related to the scientific program of Québec-Océan
  • Only one application per laboratory
  • Incomplete application or submitted to other strategic group, including the Quebec-Maritime Network, will be rejected.

→ Make sure you read all the information provided in the links at the bottom of the page.

Evaluation Process

  1. Review of applications by a jury composed of researchers from Québec-Océan
  2. Pre-approval of 2 proposals by the jury, according to the rules of the program (a maximum of 1 application from students registered outside Quebec)
  3. Submission of the 2 pre-approved proposals to the FRQNT
  4. Final approval of the proposals by FRQNT.

Required Documents for the Application

In only one email to Brigitte Robineau, November 22, 2019. The files must meet the standards (see form) and meet the evaluation criteria.

  1. Proposal form
  2. Text of 1 page maximum describing the project, expected benefits for the student and his laboratory, the correspondence of the project with the Québec-Ocean scientific programme, and giving explanation of the collaboration already established or start of collaboration with the host laboratory that can enhance the international recognition of Québec-Ocean
  3. CV
  4. Academic transcripts, from BSc to current session
  5. Letter of support from the student’s director
  6. Signed letter of agreement of the internship supervisor from the host institution, including the full address and beginning/end dates of the internship
  7. Valid study permit to study in Quebec, or a Canadian residence permit for foreign students, to be obtained before the beginning of the internship.

Financial Process

FRQNT attributes the funds to the strategic cluster. Québec-Océan transfers the scholarship amount to the student using direct deposit.

Documents required after the Internship

In only one email to Brigitte Robineau, at the latest 3 weeks after the end of the internship.
  1. Internship report outlining the conducted activities
  2. Receipts of the main expenses
FRQNT rules   QO Assessment Process   Proposal form