CFL ArcticNet 2008 / Arctic Expedition

Zooplankton Samplin'

Mission CASES / ArcticNet 2006


CCGS Amundsen
Coriolis II
Box core deployment for benthos sampling
A master's student uses a picture analyzer to measure fish otoliths
Iceberg in the Canadian Arctic
Bongo net pulled up a from an icepack flaw lead in the Beaufort Sea
Subtidal Benthos sampling
Intertidal sampling along the St. Lawrence coast
America Eels follow-up with acoustical telemetry in the St. Jean River (Gaspé)
Sea ducks watching at Ste-Irénée (St. Lawrence Estuary)
Samples analysis with liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy and UV detection
A researcher controls the rosette deployment onboard the CCGS Amundsen
Sea anemone near Campbell River
Young common seal (Phoca vitulina)
The Darmouth river (Gaspésie, Qc) is famous for its salmon
CCGS Amundsen in Nachvak Fjord, northern Labrador
Sunset in the Arctic Ocean
Virus, Bacteria and phytoplankton usually living in oceans
Thysanoessa raschii (Krill)
A master's student observes sea algae with an inverted microscope