Several suggestions below can help Québec-Océan’s members to archive their data:

Open Access Journals
This kind of publication offers the advantage of archiving data in electronic supplements or data tables.
Examples : Elementa, Science Direct

Best practices guide in environmental datat management, published by St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO)

Archiving Templates

Index of Data Repositories

Bonus for publication and data archiving
A $500 bonus for publication and data archiving will be offered to a student who meets the following three conditions:

  1. Being the first author of a scientific article accepted or published in a peer-reviewed journal. The paper must result from the MSc or PhD project of the student. The acceptance letter must be provided, and Québec-Océan must be mentioned in the acknowledgements.
    Here are acknowledgements suggestions:
    "Name of the student" received a stipend from Québec-Océan.  
    We gratefully acknowledge Québec-Océan for its scientific (and financial) support.
    This project is a contribution to the research program of Québec-Océan
  2. Having archived the related data within a renowned database or the electronic supplement of the journal where the article is published. Students must provide proof of data archiving. However, if archiving is impractical, the student may submit a justification with the application form.
  3. Having completed the first two conditions within two years after the final registration of the thesis.

To obtain this support, students must make an online request and provide evidence or justification requested above.