Québec-Océan supports the concept that data produced by scientists contain valuable information which should be available to all, in order to improve knowledge.

First, Québec-Océan strongly encourages its members to publish their results in open access journals that offer electronic supplements to access core data sets and additional information.

Examples :

Then, Québec-Océan encourages its members to archive and develop their data in 5 points. The first 4 points are designed to help members archive their data, while the last one lists archived data.

Data management policy
The Data Management Policy explains the position of Québec-Océan in relation to this issue and guides members in their effort.

Incentives for data archiving
The incentive for archiving is intended primarily for students.

Templates for archiving
Archiving templates provide formatting for some kinds of data.

List of data repositories
A list of repositories used most frequently by members is available here.

References of archived data
References of archived data allow users to know which members’ data are archived, how to access them and how to cite them.