Several members of Québec-Océan hold research chairs, including one Canada Excellence Research Chair, six Canada Research Chairs, a Research Chair from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), a Research Chair from the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec (MFFP), and a Research Chair from the ministère des Transports (MTQ).

Babin, Marcel (U. Laval)
Since May 2010

Canada Excellence Research Chair in Remote Sensing of Canada’s New Arctic Frontier
Study of the Arctic marine environment using various observing technologies (satellite), computer models and powerful tools to analyze and archive vast amounts of data.
Bernatchez, Louis (U. Laval)
Since September 2001

Canada Research Chair in Genetic Conservation of Aquatic Resources
Study of the genetic diversity of fish to better manage endangered species, in particular:
  • Atlantic salmon, whose numbers have fallen by 50 percent over the last 20 years;
  • brook trout, the most important species for the Quebec aquaculture industry, and which is produced nowhere else in the world;
  • and copper redhorse, the only vertebrate species that occurs only in Quebec, and whose only known spawning site is the Richelieu River..
Chaillou, Gwénaëlle (UQAR)
Since June 2011

Canada Research Chair in the Geochemistry of Coastal Hydrogeosystems
Characterizing and quantifying subterranean geochemical transformations occurring between coastal groundwater bodies and oceans. The Chair will contribute to predict the manner in which global environmental change will influence northern coastal hydrogeosystems and ecosystems depending on them.
Fortier, Louis (U. Laval)
Since March 2004

Canada Research Chair on the Response of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change
Studying ecological relationships between animal plankton and pack ice with a view to predicting effects of current global warming on productivity of Arctic ecosystems. Develop strategies for adapting to climate change and thus ensuring sustainable fishing for new resources in the Arctic.
Levasseur, Maurice (U. Laval)
Since October 2013

Canada Research chair in Ocean Biogeochemistry and climate
Improve our knowledge of the mechanisms of oceanic production of two climatically active gases, from biological origin: dimethyl sulfide and nitrous oxide. Research conducted as part of this chair will improve the predictive ability of current climate models, by providing new biogeochemical parameters.
Simard, Yvan (IML et UQAR)
Since 2001

DFO Research Chair in Applied Marine Acoustics for Research into Resources and the Ecosystem
This chair’s research program uses both passive acoustics, in the detection and localization of whales based on their specific vocalizations, and active acoustics, for estimating and three-dimensional mapping of resources in the environment. The chair also includes a research and development component.
St-Onge, Guillaume (UQAR)
Since November 2011

Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology
Studying the seabed and its sediments, using cutting-edge technology, like sediment cores, multibeam sounder and numerical modeling. The Chair will help in understanding natural risks, natural climate variability, and geological history to finally contribute to the adaptation to global change.
Walsh, David (U. Concordia)
Since May 2011

Canada Research Chair in Microbial Ecology and Genomics
New insights into the essential microbial processes and interactions that sustain the health of Canada’s oceans, using genomic tools. This chair will help in predicting the relationships between environmental change and microbial community variability in the ocean.