7 Décembre 2023

Conférence Québec-Océan: Samuel Laney (WHOI)

Québec-Océan vous invite à la présentation de Samuel Laney (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) "Observing annual, seasonal, & ephemeral processes in the coastal Alaskan Arctic".

Jeudi, 7 décembre à 11h00 AM.

En personne à l'Université Laval VCH-3068 et en ligne.

Résumé: Nearshore regions of the coastal Alaskan Arctic Ocean remain poorly explored on many time scales that are relevant to key biogeochemical processes. Over the past seven years, new observing approaches have been developed for the nearshore coastal Arctic that provide valuable new insight into annual, seasonal, and ephemeral processes in areas of the coastal ocean that experience seasonal landfast sea ice and/or substantial freshwater injection from nearby rivers. These approaches have included multidisciplinary suites of instrumentation that can be integrated in new ways to understand the character, timing, and magnitude of environmental changes in coastal Arctic waters. This talk will focus on field observations made in Stefansson Sound, Alaska, from 2017-2022.