EDI Commitment

EDI Commitment

Québec-Ocean is committed to respecting the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in its governance and management of its staff, financial assistance programs, activities, and communications. An EDI committee is responsible for ensuring that these commitments are met.

This means not discriminating based on gender or expression of gender, appearance, race, disability, and welcoming without any particular obstacle, in a safe work environment, any person from an underrepresented or disadvantaged group. In addition, in cases of verbal or non-verbal aggression, harassment and micro-aggression, measures will be taken in collaboration with the institutions concerned.

Applications for membership in Québec-Océan are processed according to criteria strictly related to academic background or professional skills.

Detailed information is provided on the "Resources" page in addition to the mandate and role of the Comittee, detailed below.

For any questions or problems regarding EDI within Québec-Ocean, members are invited to contact the principal coordination or assistant coordination.



The gender and origin composition in the instances reflects the pool of candidates. However, under EDI principles, Québec-Ocean encourages minority candidates to run for the various bodies of the group. To balance perspectives and offer a form of mentoring, a balance is sought between career stages for the seats offered to researchers. 

The mandate of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Committee (EDI) is to guide the actions of Quebec-Ocean to provide equitable and inclusive services in a discrimination-free environment.

The role of the EDI Committee is to:

  • Oversee the assessment of needs and determine priorities for EDI
  • Recommend an action plan to the Board of Directors and Committees
  • Follow up on EDI actions, propose possible corrections and report to the Board and Committees concerned, as well as to the members
  • Inform members about Québec-Océan's actions and the resources made available to them by member universities
  • Promote good practices.

The Committee is composed of 5 members from Québec-Océan, including 1 or 2 co-researchers, 1 research professional, 1 or 2 students and 1 post-doctoral fellow. It is recommended that at least one member of the Committee be a minority. The Committee is supported by the Coordinator(s) of the Regroupement.

The current members are:

  • Fatma Dhifallah, research professional at l’UQAR-ISMER
  • Frédéric Guichard, professor at U. McGill
  • Jean-Carlos Montero-Serrano, professor at l’UQAR-ISMER
  • Michel Tamtare, postdoctoral fellow at l’UQAR-ISMER
  • Neha Joshi, student at U. Laval


Personnel Management

Between work obligations and employee constraints, flexible hours and teleworking allow for compromises that are appreciated by all.


Financial assistance programs

The financial assistance programs for researchers and students offer equal opportunities to the different members of the group. Funding of applications is granted based on objective criteria, detailed in the rules of the programs posted online and validated by the Board of Directors, regardless of the non-academic profiles of the applicants.


Activities and communications

All activities organized by or on behalf of the group must respect the EDI commitment of Québec-Océan.

Face-to-face activities are offered in family-friendly time slots. Online activities are offered in real-time and on a delayed basis.

Communications from Quebec-Ocean are bilingual, as much as possible.