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Recent Publications

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Moualek Fella , Babin, Mathieu; Parent, Genevieve J.; Ponton, Dominic E.; Senay, Caroline; Amyot, Marc; Robert, Dominique; Lu, Zhe, 2024, Organic UV absorbents in the deepwater redfish (Sebastes mentella) from the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf: Distribution and human health risk assessment, 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.167515

Bluteau Cynthia , van Rooijen, Arnold; Matte, Pascal; Dumont, Dany, 2023, Impacts of Ship-Induced Waves along Shorelines during Flooding Events,

Eamer, Jordan B. R. , Didier, David; Kehler, Dan; Manning, Ian; Colville, David; Manson, Gavin; Jagot, Alexandre; Kostylev, Vladimir E., 2023, Multi-decadal coastal evolution of a North Atlantic shelf-edge vegetated sand island - Sable Island, Canada,

Lehmann, N. , Reed, D. C.; Buchwald, C.; Lavoie, D.; Yeats, P. A.; Mei, Z. -P.; Wang, Z.; Johnson, C. L., 2023, Decadal Variability in Subsurface Nutrient Availability on the Scotian Shelf Reflects Changes in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean,

Soubaneh Youssouf Djibril , Rouleau, Claude; Pelletier, Emilien; Tremblay, Rejean; Langlois, Veronique; Beauchamp, Karolyne; Faraut, Marie, 2023, Depuration of ingested 14C-labelled polystyrene nanospheres in the Atlantic scallop (Placopecten magellanicus),

Mahmoudi Nagissa , Steen, Andrew D.; Halverson, Galen P.; Konhauser, Kurt O., 2023, Biogeochemistry of Earth before exoenzymes,

Cote, David , Neves, Barbara M.; Angnatok, Joey; Bartlett, Wilfred; Eding, Evan N.; Gullage, Lauren; Laing, Rodd; Normandeau, Alexandre; Hayes, Vonda E.; Sherwood, Owen A.; Geoffroy, Maxime, 2023, Local ecological knowledge and multidisciplinary approach lead to discovery of hidden biodiversity in the deep ocean of Labrador, Canada,

Hurtado-Herrera, Mario , Zhang, Wei; Hammouti, Abdelkader; Pham Van Bang, Damien; Nguyen, Kim Dan, 2023, Numerical Study of the Flow and Blockage Ratio of Cylindrical Pier Local Scour,

Santos-Ferreira, A. M , Da Silva, J. C. B.; St-Denis, B.; Bourgault, D.; Maas, L. R. M., 2023, Internal Solitary Waves within the Cold Tongue of the Equatorial Pacific Generated by Buoyant Gravity Currents,