Membership and Privileges

Researchers — Membership and privileges

As a researcher, you can apply for membership in Québec-Océan if:

  • you are involved in oceanographic research
  • you support the mission and objectives of the cluster
  • your situation corresponds to one of these two categories of researcher-member:


Member Category



Professor or researcher employed by a Quebec university, who contributes significantly to the Cluster and brings specific expertise to its research program.

The CV is required and taken into account in the evaluation of the Cluster by the FRQNT.


Qualified researcher in marine sciences who brings specific expertise to the research program of Québec-Océan. Collaborating members may be employed in Quebec or outside Quebec, in a university, or in the government (federal or provincial).

The CV is not taken into account in the FRQNT evaluation of the Cluster

Researcher application

Send to the scientific direction and the principal coordination the following documents:


Cover letter

Must include these 3 sections :

  • how your research fits into Quebec-Ocean's programming;
  • why your research should be carried out within the framework of the Cluster (e.g. access to shared services and resources at sea, participation in joint programs, etc.);
  • how you intend to get involved in the development of Québec-Océan (scientific production, supervision or co-supervision of students, internal and external collaboration, service to the Cluster)



Letters of support

from two co-researcher members of the group


The Board of Directors' evaluation of applications for membership from co-researchers or collaborators will take into account the following elements:

  • Research (grants, publications, international collaborations)
  • Teaching (students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled and graduates)
  • Dissemination and transfer (outreach, development through contracts, infrastructure, patents, companies)
  • Cohesion with scientific programming and teams
  • Potential for the strategic development of the cluster.
Privileges of research members


Privilege Category




QO FQRNT grant



Activities taken into account


Board of Director, CCDR

Possibility to apply

if you are a government scientist

Your students, members of Québec-Océan

They can apply if you are  

Director or Co-director

Co-director (the director must be co-researcher)

Bonus for archiving and publication

Financial Aids for conference  

Financial Aids for short training

Scholarship for MITACS-FRQNT training


QO staff

IT support at U. Laval

Data management and quality


Field equipment and logistics

QO Oceanographic equipment park at U. Laval 

Loan for projects in QO

Free of charge

With limited fees

Loan for projects off QO

With limited fees

With limited fees

QO vehicles at U. Laval

Limited fee booking for your team members


Member card 

Information on the activities of your lab

Financial Aids

To invite a speaker, rent a vehicle, organize a workshop or manage a collaborative project

In collaboration with at least one co-researcher

In collaboration with at least two co-researchers


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