Membership and Privileges

Other Members — Membership and privileges

As a retired research staff or researcher, you can apply for membership in Québec-Océan if :

  • you support the mission and objectives of the cluster
  • your situation corresponds to one of these 3 membership categories:


Member Category


Membership application


Any employee (assistant, technician, professional, administrative staff) who is paid by a co-researcher member(s) or by the Group

Send your photo, complete contact information and a summary of your duties to the coordination principale or coordination adjointe


Any person who cannot become a member in another category, who supports the goals of Québec-Océan and serves the mission of the Group

Send your cover letter and CV to the scientific direction and the principal coordination. Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. For more details, see the co-researcher or collaborator membership.


Any person who has carried out outstanding activity in the field of oceanography, but has ceased to work regularly in this field.

Your application must be submitted by a co-researcher of Québec-Océan to the scientific direction and the principal coordination.





Services of the IT technician (at U. Laval), the data quality manager and the field equipment manager



Access to the Oceanographic Equipment Park and to the QO-UL vehicles on reservation



Seminars given throughout the year at UQAR-ISMER, at U. Laval, or by webinar. Members are invited to suggest speakers

Membership card on the website

Dissemination of achievements on the Group' s communication platforms: FaceBook, Newsletter, Blog

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