Student Committee

Student Committee

The Québec-Océan Student Committee (SC) is made up of student members from the different partner universities of the group.

The mandate of the Québec-Océan SC is to:

  • Represent graduate students and postdoctoral fellows within the Québec-Océan group
  • Participate in the organization of the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)
  • Be informed of the training needs of students and participate in the organization of training activities
  • Create synergy between student members
  • To promote the achievements of the group outside the group
  • Participate in communication via social networks.

This mandate must be carried out following the Statutes of Québec-Océan and in the best interest of all members of the group. 

The SC is also committed to listening to student members and to assisting them in their efforts and initiatives. Thus, the SC is always open to proposals and suggestions from student members.

The SC must meet at least three (3) times a year.

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Here are the members of the student committee: 

  • Abïgaëlle Dussol (UQAR-ISMER): President
  • Camille Lavoie (U. Laval): Director
  • Fanny Vermandele (UQAR): Director
  • Aude Flamand (UQAR-ISMER): Student representative for the 2nd cycle
  • Ella Guscelli (UQAR): Student representative for the 3rd cycle
  • Elliot Dreujou (UQAR-ISMER): Postdoctoral Fellow Representative
  • Marcel Alexander Velasquez Sayago (U. Laval): Head of external communication
  • Emilie Arseneault (U. Laval): Head of internal communication